Shop music instruments from an online musical store. The store sells music equipments, DJ music instruments, studio and records and other products at affordable prices and fast delivery.

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Juno Records is the world's biggest dance music and instrument store for Drum & Bass, DJ equipment, DJ lighting, Drum machine, Studio headphones, Digital recorders, studio monitors & mixers and much more. Situated in London, UK, their online site has gained the reputation for being the most extensive source for new and old catalogue music, DJ and studio hardware. They currently offer more than 500 new releases every week and have more than 45,000 titles in stock. Most of the studio & DJ products they sell are available to demo at their London store so that you can get the actual feel before buying.

Dedicated Customer Support

Their motto is to give the best service, on-time delivery, and dedicated client support. Their customer care phone lines are open 6 days a week, and outside working hours they ensure 24-hour email support to customer inquiries made through the site. Since opening, their popularity has developed by word of mouth - in spite of the fact that they don't advertise, they have had orders from more than one million clients in 156 nations.

Highly Secure

Place an order from Juno Records is 100% secure. The shopping cart of the site is encoded to guarantee the security. You can see Juno's security authentication by tapping on the lock symbol in your internet browser. They have the best security arrangement for all client data and share no information with any outsiders.

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