Kingstone is the online bookshop that offers a wide range of books, magazines in English, stationery, daily necessities, gifts, clothing accessories and more.

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Info About & Kingstone Store

Kingstone Bookstore is one of the oldest chains of bookstores that were established in 1983 in the state of Taiwan. It is a part of the Jinshitang Group and has established itself as the largest book industry for Chinese and Taiwan books in China. 

Products and Services 

Offering some of the widest range of Chinese books, they also sell magazines, MOOK, stationery supplies and a limited range of English books as well. Some other products that can be found at Kingstone Bookstores are baby products, electronics, home appliances, toys, sports & leisure products, food and daily necessities. People residing at Taipei City and parts of the New Taipei City can enjoy super fast delivery of their products in within 3 hours. They host various bargain sales of their products and people can explore and discover many new books through their book recommendations. 


To order products from their website, a customer needs to be a member of their online store. By being a member, customers can enjoy many other benefits such as earning points by purchasing from them. These points can be earned from their physical bookstores as well and it offers a huge opportunity for saving some hard earned money. Members will also receive many exclusive offers, gifts and invitations to various events. They’ll receive the latest news, book releases and promotions right in their inbox in the form of online newsletters. Kingstone has also partnered with the Happy Go website where customers having a HappyGo Card can earn points for purchasing from them. For every 1 Chinese Yuan spent, HappyGo members will earn 4 points on their cards. Kingstone does offer international delivery of their products to various countries. 

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