Taaze is the most convenient second-hand book buying and selling platform that offers millions of books, novels, comics, magazines, children's books, picture books, e-books, and more with life-long service.

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Info About & Tazze Store

Taaze is a Chinese online bookstore that was founded in 2009. It is one of the most loved websites for buying both new and used books in China. 

Products and Services 

Specializing mainly in Chinese books, they also sell European, Chinese, American and Japanese magazines, e-books, CDs & DVDs and school as well as college textbooks. They sell grocery items, stationery supplies, lifestyle products and healthcare products too. They offer various promotions and discounts on their products and these can be known by being a member on their website which is compulsory for making purchases with them. 

Sell Used Books 

One of the best-known services of Taaze is that customers can sell their books on their website. They offer a minimum of 10% of the price on used books which can increase up to 70% on online auctions or through popular demand of the book. Online auctions are the best way to sell used books where customers can answer the various query, handle bargaining of their price and settle other selling related disputes. Taaze takes care of the pickup and shipping, and all you need to ensure is that the book is properly packed and in good condition. The proceeding from the sale is credited to your Taaze account which you can use to buy a new book or have it exchanged for cash. 

Taaze offers international delivery of their products and customers can choose to order online and collect their order in the designated supermarket whose details can be found on their website.

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