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Info About & Lafeltrinelli Store

La Feltrinelli is a part of the Feltrinelli group and was established in the year of 1955. It is one of the leading publishing companies based in Italy that is well known all around the world. They grew rapidly after their first successful publications of the books – The Autobiography of Nehru and The Scourge of the Swastika of Lord Russell of Liverpool.

Products and Services 

Known mainly for their huge collection of books belonging to various genres, you can also find other products in their stores and on their online shopping website including e-books, music & movies in the form of CDs and DVDs, games, stationery supplies and a variety of gift items and novelties. They offer attractive discounts on their products and have a very smart ranking system for exploring and discovering new books. 

RED (Read Eat Dream) 

RED is a creative idea implemented by La Feltrinelli where people can come together and have an enjoyable experience where they can taste some of the finest Italian dishes while enjoying some of the best events it has to offer. These places are located in Milano, Roma, Firenze and Verona which you can easily look up on their website. Their events can include a simple literary meeting, live music events and other programs to enlighten your evenings. You can also read new books, learn about the latest releases and meet fellow book lovers in these events. 

Piu and Multipiu Membership Card

As a reward for their most loyal customers, La Feltrinelli introduced a special membership card where customers can enjoy many other benefits on their regular purchases from them. Piu Membership is the basic level of membership while Miltipiu is a slightly upgraded one with extra benefits. With Piu Membership card, customers can enjoy up to 15% discount on buying books and 3% discount on purchasing other products from their stores or online. While Multipiu members have the benefits of the Piu membership, they can enjoy an extra €10 discount on purchases of up to €200. Members will also enjoy free shipping of their products, reserved access to various festivals, performances and events, invitations to many Italian conventions and they’ll also receive exclusive promotions and discounts that are not available to the normal customers. 

La Feltrinelli has around 115 bookshops located across Italy and customers has the option to order their products online and collect it from their nearest store. Customers can shop through their smartphone applications as well. They offer worldwide shipping of all their products to various countries through DHL Express Services.

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