Get toys and baby products from an online French retail site. The site offers the best collection of products on games, toys, baby, childcare, outdoor toys, high-tech, decor, books, furniture.

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La Grande Récré was founded in 1977 and is a famous brand of a toy store in France. It has more than 150 stores located across the country. They are popularly known for their customer friendly approach and a wide range of products. 

Products and Services 

Offering regular sales and promotions on their huge collection of products, they sell toys, baby products, childcare essentials, educational toys, outdoor toys, electronic toys and other kinds of toys related to child’s hobbies and interests to instill his curiosity and learning capabilities. They also sell books and furniture & décor for children. They have a separate category of products for birthday occasions provided at a discounted rate. Some major brands that you can buy from their store include LEGO, Playmobil, Paw Patrol, Ravensburger and Masha & the Bear. You can find some of the greatest birthday and party ideas, Do-It-Yourself projects and toy advice on their online blog which is updated regularly. To stay up to date with their latest promotions and offers, you can sign up for their online newsletter where you can receive the latest product news as well. 

Loyalty Program 

La Grande Récré offers a special loyalty program for their regular customers who often buy from them. By being a member of the program, customers can earn 1 point for every €1 that they spend on purchases. Once they reach a threshold of 200 points, they’ll receive an exclusive discount coupon worth €10 sent right in their inbox. They also offer €10 discount for parents if they’re purchasing for a minimum of €40 during their child’s birthday month. If they have a newborn baby of less than 3 months old, they’ll be entitled to a special gift as well. 

There are a little more than a hundred stores located across France and also offer same day shipping for online orders if it was made before 12 noon. Currently, they offer shipping only within France and do not ship their products to other countries. 

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