Lamoda is the online webpage from where you can buy extravagance, branded and classy garments, and shoes for children, men and women at a discounted rate.

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Lamoda's Annual Revenue is $394.9 million and Monthly revenue is $32.5 million based on our estimations. More Interesting Numbers!

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Info About & Lamoda Store

It is time now for the Russians to get out of their homes, wearing some of the most good-looking outfits they could ever imagine! This is possible through Lamoda, a shopping store that brings out the right beauty in you. Get some awesome products that are offered by some of the best brands in town. Lamoda is affiliated with top brands like Adidas, Mango and Nike and many more and gives out their products at cheaper rates. Just pick your section, choose from the list of clothes available specifically for men, women and kids and buy them today. The products here are super stunning and cute and you will get impressed in no time. 

Try them out and then pay

You need not pay online beforehand if you feel like the clothes you buy might not fit you. Lamoda allows you to try out these clothes on delivery, check them for yourself in your own comfortable space and buy them only if you are satisfied. You can pay once you receive the courier and like it. 

Fast deliveries

Lamoda promises quick deliveries of its products so that you do not have to wait for too long to avail them. Get them within a few hours or the next day max and wear them to all the places you go. 

The mobile app

Download the Lamoda mobile app and avail exciting discounts on every product. Having the app on your phone makes it convenient for everybody to just choose the items for purchase from wherever they are. 

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Lamoda Fun Facts

Quickly compare with other similar 100sp, Nazya, Butik and others.

Category Ranking: #8 Online Shoes Retailer

Country Ranking: Ranked #9 Most Popular In Russia

Ratings & Votes: 4.5/5 - Based on 11 Votes

Payment Options: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Debit Card, Credit Cards, PayPal

Year Founded: 2011

Annual Revenue: US$ 394.9 million

Avg Order Size: US$ 80 to 109

Daily Orders: 11.4k

Daily Visitors: 390k