Shop for almost any item from a huge marketplace in Malaysia. The marketplace sells fashion, clothing, electronics, cameras, watches, gadgets at attractive discounts from top brands.

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Info About & Lelong Store provides an affordable and complete e-commerce platform to the buyers. It is a homegrown marketplace which operates online and exposes their customers to a wide range of services and products. They have over 10,000 sellers who supply them with the best products. You can shop for their products from your tablet, mobile and desktop anytime and anywhere you want. You can browse for their products and shop for the ones you want. 

What makes the best?

Whether you are looking out for business or personal products, they have got everything you need. They have over 1.3 million products which is separated into categories including home appliances, gadgets, beauty, frozen food, toys and much more. They have a payment system called NetPay which is recognized by the Bank Negara. It is covered under the BPP (Buyer Protection Program) to protect the purchase made on the website by their users. Their service is extended not only to the customers but also the sellers who sell on their website. They offer a convenient and safe environment for the buyers and they offer the finest products. They always strive to provide the best shopping experience for their customers. Their wide range of products will always offer the ones you are looking for. They also have the best customer service which you can contact in case you need help with anything.

What are the key points of

They offer the best buyer and seller communications. These communications are transparent and they are very secure. They help you in saving your time and money. They offer their products at the most competitive prices and provides with the access you need to shop for the product you are looking for. Your transactions and information are protected and secured with their payment system, NetPay. 

An opportunity for the people to sell

As a seller, you can set up a personalized store of your own at very low cost. They will provide with the opportunity and support you need in setting up your store. They provide an opportunity for everyone to sell. They also provide you with free online courses to run a successful online store. These classes are offered to you in Mandarin, Malay and English. You can choose your language and learn e-commerce challenges and tips, product sourcing, product photography, and shipping policies. 

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