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Order grocery items and essentials from an online retailer in Ireland. The retailer offers awesome recipes, new product postings, guides, vegan and kosher food varieties and more.

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Info About & Lidl Ireland Store

Established in the year 2000, Lidl is a leading food retailer in Ireland. They make the lives of their customers better by proving quality foods at the best market value. Customer satisfaction is the main focus of their business. They have won several prestigious awards for the highest quality foods. They have been awarded for their entire range of products right from spirits and wines to other essential products. 

The mission of Lidl 

Their mission is to provide outstanding satisfaction to the customers. Through their quality control process and rigorous product development, they guarantee the best quality food. They constantly optimize their efficient process and make sure they provide the leading market value. They contribute to the local communities by creating sustainable relationships with their business partners. Lidl invests in training, development, and recruitment of exceptional talent thus achieving long term success. 

Their range of products 

Lidl offers an extensive range of products including groceries, baby care, healthy food, fresh food and also award-winning spirits and wines. They are concerned about their product’s origin and so they only work with producers who can match their values and meet their standards. They support suppliers and farmers of Ireland by sourcing 70% of their products from within the country. They always strive to offer the best quality products and they also make sure the products are sustainable and ethically sourced. In order to maintain the high welfare standards, they work with several independent organizations. 

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