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Limango is a German retailer of custom clothing and apparel. The company with its services aims to offer its customers with offerings that suit the whole family. The company does extensive research into what products their customers like so that they only list those products on their platforms that make their customers the happiest. The company also aims to make these products available at affordable prices so that their customers can have fun without having to break the bank.


The company’s product offerings consist of custom clothing and apparel products that have been sourced from some of the most well known classical and new brands. Some of the products sold by the company through its platform include footwear, shirts, frocks, dresses, dirndl, and tunics among others. Some of the brands featured on the company’s platform include Babella, Alvi, Dickie, and HCM among others.

Travel Services

Keeping in line with the family-themed services offered by the company, the company also offers its customers with travel and tour services. These include services like hotel reservations, apartments booking, leisure part trips, and wellness offerings. These services too like the clothing offerings are priced affordably.

Garden and Balcony

The Garden and Balcony section of the company’s website consists of garden and pool offerings like grills, waterslides, outdoor toys and plants and other decorations among others. These offerings are aimed to beautify the outdoors of the customer's homes. Most of these offerings are offered at heavy discounts so that the customers can buy more of these.

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