Mamsy is the online portal that sells children's clothes, shoes, toys, accessories and more with discounts up to 70%. Visit the site for web-shopping!

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Russians have the upper hand when it comes to shopping for the little ones as they got Mamsy at their disposal. One of the leading online portals for would-be mothers and babies, Mamsy has set a benchmark in providing quality assurance and best prices to its prestige customers. When it comes to their products, the quality and authenticity of the merchandise are confirmed by the certificates of conformity. With Mamsy, you know longer have to overpay for high-quality products. Join ‘Mamsy Club’ and avail up to 70% discount on all family products from top brands and get notified about the thousands of new product each day. Around 10,079,688 women from all over Russia are already a part of the ‘Mamsy Club,’ what are you waiting for?

Why Mamsy?

Tomorrow is your husband’s birthday, the anniversary of your in-laws, and you have no gift? You can sit back relax as Mamsy has your back with its next day delivery. You can peep into the catalog and choose a great product at the best price. However, if the product does not fit for any reason, you can return it within 14 days after receiving the product. What a marvelous service!

Product Line up for Babies and Pregnant Ladies

Have a family function round the corner and all the beautiful dresses don’t fit because of the baby bump? Well, Mamsy has a great line-up of products for pregnant ladies to choose from and select a suitable dress for the occasion. 

Every mother in the world wants her child to look at the cutest among all the other babies. Mamsy’s baby merchandise consists of the best dresses for your baby to look the best. 

Log on to or download their app from App Store or Google Play and select the best dress for your little one.  

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