Are you looking to order assorted products online in Russia? Visit an online retail site offering nutrition, hygiene, toys, clothes, footwear, books, creativity, sports, leisure, carriages, car seats, children furniture and more.

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Info About & Babadu Store was founded in 2010 and is one of the largest online stores in Russia. They offer a huge range of products for both parents and children at some of the best prices available. 

Products and Services 

Being highly diversified, they sell toys, games, baby products & toys, outdoor toys, board games and puzzles. Children’s furniture & décor, clothes, school supplies & essentials can be bought from their store as well. They also sell car seats for kids, strollers and a number of products for pregnant women. Beauty products, makeup & cosmetics, perfumery and healthcare products are available too. Fisher-Price, LEGO, La Roche Posay, Perfetto Sport and Britax Roemer are some of the major brands that you can buy from their store at discounted rates. also offers exclusive discounts of up to 70% for customers who subscribe to their email newsletter. 

Babadu Club 

Babadu Club is a special membership for rewarding their loyal customers. They’ll earn points called “smiles” for every purchase that they make and for doing certain activities. There are five stages of membership – 

  • Basic – A customer will start out as a basic member where he’ll earn 3% of the purchase price in ‘smiles’. Additionally, he’ll also be entitled to receive a special 3% discount on account of their child’s birthday. Other benefits include exclusive promotions, free gifts and invites to various events. 
  • Specialist for a Child's Smile – When a basic member purchases products of worth 10,000 rubles during a year, he’ll be upgraded to this stage of membership and earn a bonus of 500 ‘smiles’. As opposed to a basic member, he’ll earn 4.5% back on his purchases and get a special 5% discount on their child’s birthday. 
  • Master of Children's Happiness – This stage of membership is achieved when a customer purchases products of worth 25,000 rubles during a year. He’ll receive a bonus of 1500 ‘smiles’ and enjoy 6% back on his purchases as well as the special 5% birthday discount. 
  • Candidate of Funny Sciences – On making purchases of 60,000 rubles during a year, a member will be upgraded to this stage of membership along with a bonus 3500 ‘smiles’ in his account. Additionally, he’ll enjoy 9% back on his purchases and a special 7% birthday discount. 
  • Professor of Children's Happiness – For making purchases of worth 120,000 rubles during a year, members will be upgraded to this level of membership along with a bonus of 6500 ‘smiles’. He’ll also receive 12% back on his purchases with a special 7% birthday discount.  

By simply signing up for their membership program, they’ll receive 50 ‘smiles’ in their account. They’ll earn 45 ‘smiles’ for updating their child’s information with the website. For every item that they add as a regular order, they’ll get 3 ‘smiles’ and if they add a reminder for that order, that’s another 20 ‘smiles’. If a customer chooses to do a product review, he can get 50 ‘smiles’ and 240 ‘smiles’ for making a video review of the product. By sharing their reviews with, customers can earn another 300 ‘smiles’. These ‘smiles’ can be accumulated over time and later be redeemed for exclusive prizes like an Apple Smartphone. offers international delivery of their products and customers can order over the phone as well. They also have the option to order online and pick up their orders from the nearest store. Their delivery service allows them to deliver to more than a thousand locations in Russia.