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Sports gear is currently the most popular category of clothing. With popular sportspersons endorsing popular brands and popularity of the concept of streetwear, sporting gear and clothing has slowly seeped into normal, casual clothing style. It is a commonly known fact that to get good quality and durable products it is important to purchase from known and popular brands. Though there are myriad brands known for their sportswear and finding something we like isn’t hard the only problem is the pricing; most popular brands aren’t cheap and even if brands advertise themselves as affordable, not all products are as cheap as advertised. A solution to this price problem is MandM Direct Ireland.

Directly from suppliers to customers

Right from the time, it was established in 1987 MandM Direct Ireland is known for two things – selling directly to customers and providing authentic branded products at prices lower than traditional retail prices. The best thing about this store is that it is a retail store but with wholesale prices. And now with the convenience of the internet and online store, shopping for top quality products, authentic sports gear and clothing has become easier. Shopping with MandM Direct Ireland is convenience and low prices without any confusion. They don’t believe in deals and discounts; MandM Direct Ireland stocks as many as 150 popular sports brands and every brand is provided at 75% RRP. This is possible because of a dedicated staff always on the lookout for new suppliers that provide authentic products at discounted pricing.

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