Thinking of getting latest designer fashion clothing in Switzerland? Visit an online departmental store offering accessories, shoes, articles, jewellery watches, sports, luggage, home and household, beauty, toys, multimedia, wine and much more.

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When you have completely lost track of time or it is just too chilly to head out and buy gifts for your family and loved ones. Or you prefer looking for stuff online? It can get a little competitive when it comes to shopping online. There are offers and discounts everywhere, but the question is, are these sites reliable and quality assured? gets you the best in the world at your fingertips. has been doing this for over a hundred business years. With more than 60 department stores and 20+ restaurant chains, Manor can be called as a leader in Swiss markets for the department store segment.

History of Manor

With its current headquarters in Basel, It is a subsidiary of Maus Frères in Geneva. The history of Manor can be traced backed to the 19th century. The name Manor is a combination of Maus and Nordmann as a new corporate identity. This Swiss-German store chain made a national occurrence.

Services and products from

With world-class brands delivering at your doorstep, Manor has gained not only in Switzerland but around the world a benchmark presence with its efficient services. 

Manor gives you free home delivery in only 2 to 3 days and even a free collection facility at the department store. They have over 60+ stores in and around Switzerland. Manor does not cost on returns and guarantees a 30 –day return on their products.

With over 25,000 products to choose from and guaranteed low prices along with free and fast delivery, Manor endeavors to be better every day.

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