Marktplaats is the online portal for buying and selling new and second-hand products, merchandise, cars and more with certified customer reviews.

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Info About & Store

Marktplaats is an advertising site that brings buyers and sellers together and the only website in the Netherland to focus entirely on classified ads. The website is very easy to use. Everyone can place an advertisement or sell products. The only thing needed for this is an email address and a few minutes. Users currently have a choice of 36+ different product groups and more than 1800+ categories to place their advertisement in; from Antiques and Art to Business Goods. It has become the most popular website in this field in the Netherland with a still growing customer base of individuals and small and large companies.

Superior Customer Care

Users can visit Marktplaats for more information about finding, buying and selling products. Through customer care, you find answers to frequently asked questions. You can use the contact form to ask Marktplaats questions, report your ideas or an error or malfunction on the site.

100% Transparent

A seller can see at a glance what the highest bid is and how often the ad has been viewed. On this website, advertisements can also be changed without any problems, for example, if the product is sold or if the sales want to bring the product to the attention again.

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  • 2e Hands
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  • Huis En Kamers
  • Huizen En Kamers
  • Zojuist Geplaatst

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