At Media Markt, you will find a tablet, laptop, computers, TVs, mobile, photographic and more at prices which are hard to believe. Search and buy your products at the lowest cost.

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MediaMarkt's Annual Revenue is $69.9 million and Monthly revenue is $5.7 million based on our estimations. More Interesting Numbers!

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Info About & MediaMarkt Store

With more than 35 years plus experience of presence in the International Markets, Media Markt is a chain of stores with branches throughout Europe and sells consumer electronics. It one of the biggest in Europe and is spread across 14 countries catering to all the consumer needs. It has both physical stores and online presence, offering the customers the unique experience of shopping. 

Media Markt Services and Solutions

  • With a wide range of categories such as
  • Television and entertainment
  • Gaming appliances
  • Personal and child care
  • Books and Hobbies
  • Digital Zone and Electronics
  • Home and Garden appliances, and many

Media Markt serves with integrated solution and services as – Specialized staff, cater the customers according to their needs, personal support staff, after-sales services, trading and tracking services, extension warranty, device withdrawal, and cancelations, guarantee periods, flexible payment methods, same-day deliveries, installation, and demonstration, etc.

Media Markt Shopping terms and condition 

Order Confirmations

Order Confirmation is done once the product is finalized by the customer and is selected for the payment procedure and shipping process. Under this, customer can make proposals and confirmation to order either by online buying or through customer calls. A confirmation receipt will automatically be given to the customer for the same. The order confirmation acceptance will only be accepted once confirmed by the customer.

Product delivery and Shipping

Once the confirmation is done for the product, shipping and delivery procedure need to be given and selected. To get the delivery time, one can log in to their respective accounts and track the consignment as shipment delivery will be calculated based on, availability, payment method, weight, and shipment.


With the completion of the ordering process, the customer can choose the payment methods can make payment in either of anyway as by-

  • cash
  • credit card payments
  • bank deposits
  • Media Mrkt Gift cards
  • on-site or store

Popular Categories

  • E Shops
  • Media Markt
  • Online Shop

MediaMarkt Fun Facts

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Category Ranking: #47 Electronics Shop

Ratings & Votes: 4.8/5 - Based on 3 Votes

Year Founded: 2005

Employees: 500 to 999

Annual Revenue: US$ 69.9 million

Avg Order Size: US$ 201 to 272

Daily Orders: 808

Daily Visitors: 47k