Visit Plaisio to purchase tablets, workstations, PCs, TVs, cameras, daily consumables, office furniture and more with prompt delivery and COD alternative.

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Info About & Plaisio Store

Computers and electronics have become an integral part of our life; right from home to school and even workspaces are full of electronics. As such, one needs to purchase computers and other electronic devices multiple times in one’s lifespan. Hence, one requires an electronics partner who can provide all requirements under one roof and at affordable prices. One can get all the above and more when shopping at Plaisio.

For electronics, office and school supplies

In the beginning, Plaisio was dedicated to providing customers with quality office supplies. But in 1979 the company’s founders recognized the potential of computers and IT and from then on became an all-in-one address for not only office and school supplies but also for all types of computers and electronics. Even today, this is perhaps the most popular choice for all those people looking for quality and affordable electronics. 


Though quality and price are the most important factors when purchasing electronics, Plaisio offers customers other advantages too.

  • Customers can purchase all types of electronics and office and school supplies, under one roof.
  • This company not only has numerous physical locations but also has a strong online presence. And hence, both avid online shoppers and people more comfortable with traditional shopping can shop here.
  • The company offers free phone support and free shipping and delivery for all its products that have been purchased online.
  • Finally, customers can also order and pay for products online and collect them at their nearest store location.

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