Medplex is an online German pharmacy, selling more than 120,000 drugs on cheap price. On Medpex you can place your order and your medicines will be delivered to your address.

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Info About & Medplex Store

Medpex is one of the leading online pharmacies in Germany. It is owned by Christiane Bülow-Bichler, who is a pharmacist and the managing director of the company. Medpex was established in 1982 by Christiane Bülow-Bichler’s father and it is based in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. Medpex serves more than four million customers throughout Germany and more than 400000 packages are sent daily.

Over-the-counter and Prescription

Be it any type of medicine, both of them are sold on medpex, and it is one of the most trusted ePharmacies in Germany and the statistics prove it. The shipping partner for Medpex is DHL and it ensures timely deliveries of all your goods. And they deliver your shipment at your doorstep all around Germany. 

What do you prefer?

Whether you want natural herbal medicines or you want homeopathy medication, they sell each and everything you need on their website. No pharmaceuticals required, no problem at all. Medpex has a lot more to offer than just medicines. Derma care products, haircare, facewash, muscular and joint medicines and much more.

Local Pharmacies don’t Care for Your pets’ Needs

But you need not worry. You won’t have to reach to your local pharmacies or vet clinics for your pets’ medicines. You can order them on Medpex and get them delivered at your place. So convenient and easy for you as well as your pet.

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