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Want to lookup Motorola mobile products in Brazil? Visit the online version of Brazil arm offering a wide range of mobile phone brands, supported by products and manuals, technical solutions and tips.

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Motorola Brazil's Annual Revenue is $152.3 million and Monthly revenue is $12.5 million based on our estimations. More Interesting Numbers!

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Info About & Motorola Brazil Store

Motorola is one of the big names in the Smartphone industry. It was an American multinational telecommunications company based in Illinois, which because of several economic problems, underwent a division, and is now owned by Lenovo. Despite the setbacks, Motorola still has a good name in the market. Especially in countries like Brazil.

What is Motorola?

Motorola is a telecommunication company that sells Smartphones and it's accessories. Their branch in Brazil is one of the most successful Motorola branches. The models are famous for their battery life, design of device, and resolution of the camera. The online store is said to have more benefits as it offers many discounts. The website has a list of all the relevant products. They have a smartphone category where one can learn more about each model before purchase. They also sell accessories like chargers, USB cables, headphones, speakers, phone case, etc. 

Why is Motorola so popular?

Despite its everlasting name, Motorola is famous online for the many discounts it offers. Customers looking to buy phones online are easily impressed by discounts. The Motorola official online stores allow discounts on products purchased, and free shipping if the order meets the necessary criteria. 

Motorola Brazil Fun Facts

Quickly compare with other similar Americanas, Ricardo Eletro, Lojas Renner and others.

Category Ranking: #190 eCommerce Store

Country Ranking: Ranked #31 Most Popular In Brazil

Ratings & Votes: 4.9/5 - Based on 81 Votes

Annual Revenue: US$ 152.3 million

Avg Order Size: US$ 97 to 132

Daily Orders: 3.6k

Daily Visitors: 87k