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Muji is a Japanese’s online marketplace. The company was established in 1980 and since then has expanded its prescience globally. The company was conceived with the aim of combating low-quality offerings. The company believes in simplicity and follows this principle in each of its operations. The company was born after the intersection of two distinct points of view namely ryohin which represents the value of good items and Mujirushi that represents the lack of brand recognition.


The company divides its operations into three distinctive steps namely selection, streamlining and simplifying. The selection process mostly involves choosing raw materials, the company takes great care to ensure that they choose the right products. The streamlining step consists of strict quality control during the manufacturing processes and the simplifying process mainly relates to packaging where the company tries to use as minimal packaging as possible. The company instead believes in highlighting the natural beauty of the products.


The company’s product offerings consist of a wide range of products. Some of the products listed by the company on its platform include consumer electronics, clothing, consumables, stationery, beauty products, and kitchen appliances among others. Most of these products are made available at affordable prices. 

User Manuals

The company has dedicated an entire section of its website to host user manuals for each and every product category offered by the company. This section consists of literature that is aimed at helping the customer make the best possible use of their products. This section contains user manuals for almost all of the products offered by the company.

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