Cashmere wool is a type of yarn that is more insulating than sheep wool. offers clothing range created from the cashmere wool. Mathew Scanlan and Diederik Rijsemus are the founders of this company that started its operation in 2013. The founders make sure that the yarn is brought directly from the herders of Mongolia’s Gobi Desert.

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Info About & Store shopping website sells the best cashmere products in the world. The company works directly with Mongolia's herders to provide its customers with sustainable, high-quality soft knitwear items. The company came into existence in 2013 and was created by Matthew Scanlan and Diederik Rijsemus.


What can you buy from

The women section offers different types of cashmere attires. This section contains summer silk-cashmere, sweaters, tops, bottoms, and dresses specially crafted for women. The section for men offers sweaters, sweatshirts, sweatpants, and outerwear. You can also shop the look shown in the pictures of the models wearing these attires. The website also has a section for accessories that provides hats, gloves, socks, travel kits, etc.


The company tries to protect the planet by participating and creating anti-desertification programs. They use hand combing to get the cashmere and also provides veterinary care to those goats. They provide high-quality cashmere at affordable prices. The company makes use of recycled paper bags for packaging the products.

Some Facts about

The cashmere is brought from the goats available in Mongolia. The hand combing method is used to obtain cruelty-free cashmere. Long fibers are derived from these goats, and hence the products have maximum softness. This organic cashmere is long-lasting and environmentally sustainable. Four goats are used to knit one sweater. This fiber easily blends with other materials, and you can also wash these cashmere items with your shampoo. The sweater that is available at pills only once.