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About Us

Newegg Inc. is a North America based technology focused e-retailer. The feet of Newegg is spread in more than 50 countries in Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, and Latin America. The millions of users of Newegg get comprehensive buying of the latest shopper electronics, entertainment, gaming products, smart home, and electronics. 

What we have?

In the All Products section of Newegg, a customer can choose from Computer Systems to Hobbies & Toys to Health & Sports to Office Solutions. Under these banners, one can get the required product of trusted and famous brands. Like if one goes for Office Solutions, he/she will get the items under Display & Printing, Office Technology, Furniture, Mailing & Inventory Supplies and more. Some of the Brands whose items are sold here are LG Electronics, Samsung, Sony, TCL, Supersonic and many more for LED TVs in TV & Home Theatre section of Electronics.
Newegg also has refurbished products for its customers considering the budget and choice in almost every section.


Newegg customers can save money through Deals & Services section. Here, a customer will get discounts and savings through Newegg Mobile, Email Deals, Daily Deals Marketplace Spotlight, and Outlet sub-section. Saving up to 50% can be done here. 

Also, if one becomes a Newegg member, he/she will get Free Shipping, can Share Benefits, Free Returns with no Restocking Fess and Dedicated 
Customer Service. 

Newegg also provides Gift Cards for its customers as well as it gives a platform to sell the products.

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