Nocowanie is the online portal that offers hotel accommodation, guest house, and more with an option to compare prices all around Poland and rest of the World.

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Info About


The company was established in the year 2005. However, the company wasn’t doing too well for itself and it was almost after a decades time in 2016 did the company come across Wirtualna Polska Group and entered into a business venture collectively.


  • This company has plenty to offer their clients, apart from providing accommodation facilities to their customers. 
  • The company also provides them with a list of events that are due to take place in Poland.
  • The website also provides restaurant options for their users. 
  • The website also shows the different areas which are tourist attraction places and compiles a set of those locations that you could visit whilst you’re in Poland.
  • The website is also space for the travelling community to come together and share their memories with fellow travellers. 
  • These memories are shared in the form of photographs which the tourist or traveller has clicked her/himself.

Other services

  • The website also has a separate section which provides you with ski-related queries and will clear if in case you have any. 
  • The website also publishes the weather conditions and forecasts of Poland to make their users lives a lot easier.
  • The website also provides you with a section which has the map of a set city in it. 
  • All you need to do is follow those directions and you will reach your destination smoothly.
  • You can also see all the nearby attractions in your customized maps. The website also shows you a list which shows all the available trains and buses that you could board for your trip.

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