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Shop for an array of digital products online from an online retailer. The retailer sells computer, tablets, phones, GPS, whiteware and kitchen appliances, audio, photo, video, home appliances, drones, gaming, toys.

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Info About & Noel Leeming Brand

Noel Leeming is New Zealand’s leading retail and commercial business chain that deals in selling of consumer electronics and home appliances. Noel leeming’s first store was opened in 1973 in Christchurch, but since then, their multiple stores have been scintillating on roads of New Zealand and are always full of customer to buy products daily.  Noel Leeming has opened 74 stores across the nation along with online store facility as

Range of supplied products

Since being one of the largest retail chain in New Zealand, it covers a wide product range in its banner, which includes computers, televisions, laptops, music systems, audio devices, smart home solutions, gaming consoles, smartphones, IPads, kitchen appliances, kitchen white ware, dryer, laundry washing machine, tubs, vacuum cleaners, dehumidifiers, AC, heaters, sewing machine, iron, drones, cameras, watches, bands and many more small daily use items and accessories. All these products are available to buy online as well as offline on any store.

Price compensations and In-home consultation

Noel Leeming aims to retain the customers life-long and thus provides a price promise guarantee, according to which, if you find any product which is at a higher price at Noel Leeming’s store and at a lesser price anywhere else across the nation, you are entitled to get the fly buys, offered by Noel Leeming, provided you submit the proper proofs during claim.

Awards and Accolades

Noel Leeming has been receiving various awards and accolades such as QUDAL i.e. Quality medal 2017 & 2018, Reader’s digest quality service award 2018, HP Retailer of the year 2017, Roy Morgan customer satisfaction award 2016 & 2017.

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