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Nuclear Blast is the world driving Heavy Metal Online-Shops that sells DVDs, CDs, T-Shirts, Vinyl, Tickets, Band Shirts, Accessories and more from the Heavy Metal scene.

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Info About & NuclearBlast Germany Store

Nuclear Blast is a German record label and custom merch retailer. The company was established in 1987 and since then has expanded its operations globally. Most of the company’s offerings are themed around Heavy metal bands. The company aims to provide its customers with quality offerings along with a hassle-free shopping experience, to ensure this the company has incorporated several services including flexible payment options and free shipping among others.


The company offers a range of products through its platform that is mainly related to music, especially Heavy Metal Bands. Some of the products listed by the company include music records, clothing, shoes, and books among others. Some of the popular bands listed on the company platform include Motorhead, Death Angel, Slayer and Grave among others. In total, the company’s catalog consists of more than 3000 offerings from over 8000 brands.

Blast Points

The company rewards its loyal customers with the Blast Points reward program. Customers can earn reward points also known as Blast points by making purchases through the company's platform. Customers can then use these points to avail discounts or pay for any of the products listed by the company on its platform. Customers are also divided into several tiers based on the number of reward points that they have earned.


The company hols competition on a regular basis on its website, in a bid to keep their customers engaged. These competition are based around different themes listed on the company’s platform. All registered members on the company’s platform are eligible to participate in these contests and stand a chance to win exciting rewards through these contests.

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