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Office Depot is the Mexico-based leading online website that offers office equipment, computers, printers, laptops, chairs, toners, desk and much more with best offers & discounts.

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Info About & OfficeDepot Mexico Store

Office Depot Mexico is the Mexican arm of Office Depot Inc the American retailer of Office supply products.  Though the company’s primary focus lies in Office supplies, it also lists consumer electronics among the product it sells. The company operates with the mission of becoming the largest and best supplier of office equipment and other consumer electronics in Mexico and other Latin American countries.


The Company’s catalog predominantly consists of Office supplies and décor. However, over the years the company has diversified its portfolio and now includes several other products including computers, laptops, printers, cameras, and travel accessories among others. The company is also an authorized retailer of several popular brands including Apple, HP, and Samsung among others.

Credit Card          

The Company allows customers to issue custom credit cards. The company has tied up with Citibank for the purpose. Customers who use the card to avail services from the company can enjoy added benefits like discounts, special promotions and reward points. Customers can earn reward points even if they are shopping in some other platform that is not associated with Office Depot. Customers are also eligible to win gift cards upon using the services of the company through the card.

Special Programs         

The Company runs special programs for small and medium-sized businesses in order to offer them better deals and offerings. The program provides special benefits like special promotions, offers, and discounts along with other complementary services like free delivery, credit line as well as 24x7 customer support to go along with the benefits.

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