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Shop latest cameras and equipment from an online South African photography retailer. The retailer sells camera models, lenses, lightings, equipment, systems, reviews and more from top brands.

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Info About & Orms Direct Store

Established in the year 1996, ORMS is now a photographic giant in South Africa. Everyone knows and loves ORMS. It was founded by Mike Ormrod and they first started off in his garage. It was a small operation back then. Their vision is always to bring the best photographic service and gears to the photographers. Their passionate employees and excellent service make them the best. Their products and service are not only restricted to photographers but also to the graphic designers, interior decorators, artists, photobook creators and much more. They want to change the tiny spark of these people into making something tangible which they will be proud of. 

One stop destination for all your shopping needs 

ORMS develop themselves according to the needs of the photographers. They have an ORMS print room and framing to bring the best works of you to live. This is what makes them a class apart from the usual photography stores. They bring creativity alive with their craftsmanship and excellence. The print room and framing provide comprehensive décor solutions right from artwork conservation and customized framing to best international standards of fine art reproduction. They let you customize anything according to your likes for your home or office. You can bring a source or artwork from their extensive collection of photographs and their friendly consultant will take you through this effortless journey. They will ship the products you want to your doorstep if you are not from Cape Town. You can get expert advice and inspiration from their ORMS Print Room and Framing Hub located in Roeland Street. 

What makes ORMS unique?

You can make your best images into a timeless keepsake or impactful portfolio. They also provide you High Definition photobooks which are printed using Canon Dreamlabo. They have developed Create and Print Software which lets you make photo books and other personalized projects. They have in-house repair technicians who can take care of complicated repair jobs and also standard services. They are also a verified DJI and Canon repair center. They have a rental department which lends your gears which you want for a specific project. You can also try the gadgets before getting one for your own. They have a separate department for used gears which offers you an extensive range of high-quality second-hand lenses and camera. You can also sell your old gadgets to them. If you would like to pursue your career in the field of photography then you can join their ORMS Cape Town School of Photography. They also host workshops, exhibitions, talks by award-winning and international photographers. They have ORMS Photo Tours which are photography expeditions which are led by the experts to the most photo-worthy destinations around the world. Apart from customizing and organizing these tours, they also offer photography kits. 

The return and shipping policy of ORMS

They offer a 10-day return policy where you can return the products within 10 days from the date of delivery if you are not satisfied with it. You should also provide the original invoice. If you don’t return within 10 days then you will be charged a restocking fee and handling fee. They offer free economy shipping on all orders above R1 000. They have a different price for the standard and express shipping. They also have the Click and Collect option where you can collect your order from their store in Cape Town or Bellville. 

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