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If you are a gaming buff, you will be quite familiar with the concept of overclocking. To bring it down to very simple terms, it is the way to boost up the performance of a relatively less costly PC. It is a relatively favorite DIY project of gaming nerds. As good as this concept is there are also a few drawbacks; amping up your PC, if not done right, can bring down its lifetime and lead to adverse effects. So, having an expert on your size who can increase the positives and reduce the negatives is what is required and hence you need to check out Overclockers.

Founded By An Ardent Out Locker

Overclockers are the veterans of the game! Established by an ardent overclocker Mark Proudfoot in 1999, this company has been serving gaming nerds with high-quality, safe PCs for almost 18 years now. What started as an idea to provide fellow enthusiasts with high-performance PCs that were safe in every aspect, the company today provides for all types of hardware that is high performance while being low cost. 

Custom Solutions – One Shop

The world of PC gaming is vast and so is the concept of overclocking. Not everybody has the same requirements and Overclockers understand this very well. And to ensure that everybody is able to realize their requirement, they not only provide a wide range of hardware but also provide custom solutions based on individual customer needs. Additionally, DIY enthusiasts can also find myriad components for their pet projects.

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