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Need to order personal care products in Germany? Visit an online site offering scents, makeup, maintenance, hair, accessories, gifts, on sale items across top brands and free shipping.

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Info About & Parfum Dreams Store is one of the famous online fragrance store based in Europe. It was founded in 2004 and has since grown consecutively. They deal with more than 500 brands and have about 25 stores as they deal most of their products online itself. They firmly believe in customer satisfaction and are always ready to go beyond their line of duty to help them in choosing the right products for them and addressing their grievances.

Products and Services

They may be famous for their collection in fragrances but they also sell products for bath and body care, cosmetics, makeup, hair care, jewellery and even bags and luggage. Apart from these, they also sell various lifestyle products such as books, candles, bottles and room fresheners. They ship all their products internationally and also offer great discounts on their products. Periodically, they will also give free samples to the customers for their trial and use. 

Featured brands

The major brands that deal with are Chanel, Dior, Clinique, Shiseido and Prada. Apart from these, the famous brands of cosmetics and lifestyle products that they deal with are Bond No. 9, Clive Christian, Guess, Puma and David Beckham. They host various promotional and seasonal offers for all their products and you can even shop for their products through their mobile apps for both Android and iOS devices.  

The best part of is that apart from the wide range of products that they offer, they occasionally make a top list of perfumes, cosmetics or accessories that they think are worth trying or are the best among the rest. These lists are updated periodically and act as a wonderful guide for customers who may have little to no idea when buying these products or are just surfing to find a gift for their loved ones.

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