Shop huge selection of perfumes from an online beauty shopping retailer. The retailer sells top branded fragrances, perfumes with detailed review and rating, prices and more.

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Perfumo's Annual Revenue is $26.1 million and Monthly revenue is $2.1 million based on our estimations. More Interesting Numbers!

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Info About & Perfumo Store

Parfumo is an online fragrance community where you can search, explore and discover many old and new fragrances along with their various reviews done by the users of the website. It is free to join and you can even interact with other users of the community. 

Products and Services 

Since it is an online community, they do not really sell any products but it act as an encyclopedia for perfumes and fragrances where users can learn various things regarding their favorite and lesser-known fragrances. All the reviews done on their website are done by genuine members of the community and are not based on a particular product in any way. The reviews are done after using and testing the specific fragrance in their daily lives. 

People can also share photos of their favorite perfumes which can be discovered by other users and act as a guide when buying that particular fragrance. There are many search criteria on the website where people can search for relevant fragrances using a specific note, year of making, brand or genre. The website also has a random option in the search criteria for when someone is not really sure what they're looking for and simply surf among the many fragrances that there is until they find the one that suits them the best. 
As Parfumo is an active online community, they regularly state which perfumes and fragrances have become a huge flop or are successful and trendy among the other products. People can even post their perfume-related queries and have them addressed by other users of the website. They can even receive recommendations and guidance for buying aromatic products. 

Souk Platform 

Souk is a special part of the website where different people can offer or request a certain type of perfume or samples. Interested people can then directly contact the person who has posted it and choose to either buy or trade the particular product. However, it is to be noted that all trading is to take place between the interested parties and at their own risk as Parfumo is not to be directly involved.

Perfumo Fun Facts

Quickly compare with other similar Bath and Body Works, Dior, Scentsy and others.

Category Ranking: #18 Fragrances Store

Ratings & Votes: 4.3/5 - Based on 27 Votes

Annual Revenue: US$ 26.1 million

Avg Order Size: US$ 61 to 82

Daily Orders: 992

Daily Visitors: 31k