PCX Philippines

A prominent computer retailer, located in the Philippines. Offers varied product variety, including smartphones, desktop systems as well as laptops and components.

Store Website: pcx.com.ph
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PCX Philippines's Annual Revenue is $29.8 million and Monthly revenue is $2.4 million based on our estimations. More Interesting Numbers!

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Store Name
Pcx Philippines
Target Corporation
Website pcx.com.ph lazada.com.ph zalora.com.ph amazon.com walmart.com target.com
General Information
Category Ranking #346 eCommerce Store #26 eCommerce Store #308 eCommerce Store #1 eCommerce Store #1 Hypermarket #2 Hypermarket
Ratings & Votes

15 Votes

62 Votes

34 Votes

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Year Founded - 2012 2012 1996 1969 1902
Employees - - - 1000000 2200000 360000
Statistics and Financial Metrics
Annual Revenue US$ 29.8 million US$ 2.1 billion US$ 9.3 million US$ 152.3 billion US$ 27.3 billion US$ 5.3 billion
Avg Order Size US$ 97 to 132 US$ 97 to 132 US$ 19 to 24 US$ 70 to 86 US$ 70 to 86 US$ 68 to 91
Daily Orders 708 50k 1.2k 5.3M 950.4k 183k
Daily Visitors 17k 1.2M 28k 78M 14M 6.1M
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Info About Pcx.com.ph & PCX Philippines Store

Computing has rapidly evolved in the 21st century. Every computing system has been equipped with the latest software integrations to support high processing jobs like coding, 3d designing, etc. But such types of laptops and desktops are not readily available in the market, and if they are, their prices are out of the roof. PC Express provides you with all sorts of laptops and PCs and their accessories at a reasonable price.

Quality products delivered at your doorstep

PC Express only furnishes you with only genuine products. The products available at the platform are products that are devised by companies like HP, Dell, MSI, ASUS, and many more. Each product is carefully examined and inspected before arriving at your doorstep. PC Express also hosts several sales and discount periods to give you a chance to purchase your desired product at a price that seems befitting to you.

Digital machines optimized for you

PC Express provides you with an extensive collection of PCs, laptops, and accessories to choose from. Laptops provided by PC Express have versatility, mobility, and efficiency crafted into them. These laptops can be used to work at any terrain and are equipped with the latest software and applications to help curate your work. Along with your computer, PC Express also provides you with a wide range of accessories like a laptop bag, mouse, etc.

PCs provided by PC Express are furnished with the best hardware and software systems. Different CPUs with CPU cards like Intel and AMD are offered to you to choose from. Different GPU cards of Nvidia and AMD are provided to you to select as per your requirement. Other accessories like Gaming chairs, external hard drive (HDD), mousepads, gaming mouse and keyboard, and many others are offered to you at a reasonable price.

So, to enter the digital haven, visit PC Express right away.

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