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UK's No.1 store for pet supplies. It guarantee lowest UK prices and provides fast delivery on a wide range of cat as well as dog products

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Info About & Pet Planet Store

Pet Planet is a reliable online shopping destination for the purchase of natural, high-quality dog and cat food. It deals in branded as well as non-branded pet food products, all of which can be procured by customers at affordable prices, and by taking advantage of regular deals and discounts as well. 

Extensive Range of Dog and Cat Food to Choose from 

Customers can choose from a wide range of dog and cat foods when they do their shopping at Pet Planet online. The food that is available for sale here includes dry food mostly, and is entirely safe for consumption by pets of all ages. The pet food for sale at Pet Planet is clinically approved, and there are absolutely no side effects that are associated with its use. Customers never have to worry about their pets falling ill when they feed them with the pedigree pet food that is sold on Pet Planet. 

Awesome Discounts and Quick Delivery 

There are frequent discounts and offers that customers can avail when they shop for pet food products at Pet Planet. The price of pet foods on Pet Planet is at least ten to twenty pounds less than the price of the same foods in the market, and customers can also avail free delivery services if they make a purchase that amounts to 39 pounds or more. Transactions can be carried out on Pet Planet in a smooth and efficient manner using credit cards and debit cards or through online payment mechanisms such as PayPal. Delivery is done within a day or two of online transactions. 

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