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Info About & Planet Sports Germany Store

Planet Sports is a German retailer of sports equipment, clothing, and apparel. The company was established in 1993 and since then has expanded its operations significantly. At present, the company operates out of 12 stores across Germany. The company has its headquarters in Munich. The company exclusively serves customers who are looking for products related to boardsports.


The company’s product offerings consist of a range of products, all related to boardsports. The company lists products for sports like skateboarding, waterboarding, surfboarding, snowboarding and skiing among others. The company offers equipment related to all these sports along with appropriate clothing and apparel to go along with this equipment. The company’s product offerings also consist of accessories like hats, sunglasses, wrist watches and bags among others.


The company has allotted segment of its website to host discount vouchers to offer customers additional discounts while shopping. Customers who wish to purchase a particular product and first check this section to find out if there are any suitable vouchers for their products. If they find one then they can enjoy discounts on those products. Thes discount vouchers offer discounts in the from the range of 10 euro to 200 euro.

Sports Glossary

The company runs a sports glossary section of its website to help out customers who wish to search for products based on brand alone. This section consists of all the brands that are featured on the company’s platform, being arranged in alphabetical order. Customer can then choose the alphabets corresponding to the brand and start looking for products.

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