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The Planet of the Vapes is the UK's leading manufacturer of e-cigarette and vapes. Visit the site to get more news and guides all for free.

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Plant of The Vapes's Annual Revenue is $7.7 million and Monthly revenue is $635.6 thousand based on our estimations. More Interesting Numbers!

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Info About & Plant of The Vapes Store

Planet of the Vapes is an online vaping community where people from around the world can share their vaping tips and tricks and also recommend each other some of the best vaping devices and e-liquids amongst themselves. It is an active forum where anybody can be a member and start sharing their experiences right away. 

Products and Services 

They do not sell any products but do share the best deals on vape devices, e-liquids, MODs, tanks, cartomizers, and accessories from other websites. They share product reviews of many branded vape devices which can act as a guide for choosing the right products for a beginner, intermediate or a professional vaper. They have their own weekly newsletter where they share the latest products, promotions, and news related to vaping. Competitions and giveaways are periodically hosted on their website where people can win branded products across the globe. 

People also share various discount codes from various e-commerce websites around the world through which others can avail those discounts at their ease. Planets of the Vapes have their own vape directory which has information related to various vape devices, kits, and MODs from both famous and lesser known brands. For people interested in making their own e-liquids, recipes can be found on the website along with proper guides and tutorial videos by other vapers. 

Planet of the Vapes is the perfect online community for beginners as there are various guides that will help them to choose the perfect starter kits before they move on to more advanced vape devices. Vaping can be seen as an alternative to smoking but less harmful in nature. It removes the risk of tar, smoke and carbon monoxide that is present in traditional cigarettes. It is not completely harmless, but it can be a great start for someone who wants to quit smoking altogether. While cigarettes are mostly known for their nicotine, electronic cigarettes have it as an option. There are many nicotine-free e-liquids available in the market that a vaper can buy whilst enjoying the stress-releasing feeling of smoking but without the smoke.

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Category Ranking: #11 Cigarette Store

Country Ranking: Ranked #275 Most Popular In United Kingdom

Ratings & Votes: 3.9/5 - Based on 13 Votes

Annual Revenue: US$ 7.7 million

Avg Order Size: US$ 46 to 63

Daily Orders: 385

Daily Visitors: 7.2k