Buy dresses, sweaters, and accessories at Posthaus - the online shopping portal that offers up to 5X cashback and lots of discounts.

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PostHaus's Annual Revenue is $4.7 million and Monthly revenue is $389.8 thousand based on our estimations. More Interesting Numbers!

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Category Ranking #148 eCommerce Store #13 eCommerce Store #180 eCommerce Store #85 eCommerce Store #92 eCommerce Store #145 eCommerce Store
Country Ranking Ranked #26 Most Popular In Brazil Ranked #1 Most Popular In Brazil Ranked #30 Most Popular In Brazil Ranked #12 Most Popular In Brazil Ranked #15 Most Popular In Brazil Ranked #25 Most Popular In Brazil
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Statistics and Financial Metrics
Annual Revenue US$ 4.7 million US$ 6.3 billion US$ 24.9 million US$ 508.4 million US$ 4.7 million US$ 1.5 billion
Avg Order Size US$ 49 to 60 US$ 97 to 132 US$ 111 to 136 US$ 22 to 27 US$ 48 to 59 US$ 129 to 157
Daily Orders 236 150.1k 547 55.2k 239 28.4k
Daily Visitors 130k 3.6M 91k 290k 250k 130k
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Info About & PostHaus Store

Posthaus is an e-commerce website for exclusive shopping online at a very affordable cost. With a wide range of endless brands and sizes delivered at your doorstep in absolutely no time.

Tracing Posthaus back in time

The site Posthaus was launched in the year 2007, and ever since, it strives to make your home shopping experience as convenient as possible. The site is an amazing fashion gateway that has over 15k national as well as international brands collaborated with them for the entire family.

Posthaus is a fragment of the Loghaus group, which has been in the fashion industry for more than 30 years. It has been established under the name DBR Comercio de garments SA, and the headquarters are based in Blumenau, Brazil.

What does Posthaus bring to you?

All the products on the site are delivered to you with free shipping over $49 and a free exchange method, and that isn’t just the prime advantage. Posthaus offers Men, women, and kids fashion. Can’t find your fit? If you find other sites too biased over the size chart, Posthaus has every size available for you. The customers can enjoy plus-size shopping experience with swimwear and elegant footwear too.

The Site has plush outfits and pouring sales while it also offers a measurement guide, Fashion showcase and a free online magazine showcasing outfits from the site.

If you are looking for leading brands and apparel fit for every occasion out there, Posthaus is where you will find it all.

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