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Pret A Voir is an online store for glasses, sunglasses, and prescription sunglasses from more than 100+ popular brands. +SunRX from Pretavoir is a premium collection that provides a wide range of lenses to suit all requirements, conditions, styles, and price ranges.

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Info About & pret a voir Store

+SunRX lenses

The +SunRX collection has specially curated lenses from Zeiss, Kodak, and WLC. Every customer order undergoes numerous stringent quality checks to deliver high standard products. The Zeiss lenses are engraved a ‘Z’ on them to prove that a genuine product is received. Kodak lenses give utmost attention to the color and clarity with polarised lenses under the UvSun title. WLC lenses are the standard mirror lenses with back surface anti-glare coatings. The sun lens has variants to choose from, like block color, gradient, and polarised. The surface mirror coating on the lenses keeps the eyes cool by reflecting infrared light transmission.

Sunglasses & UV protection

UV radiation may damage both the exterior layer and the internal lens resulting in premature cataract, and also, the retina may undergo macular degeneration. Prescription sunglasses are crafted to meet the sight capabilities and protect the eyes from harmful UV radiation. All the prescription and non-prescription sunglasses have complete UV protection and conform to all international standards. Different categories of lens colors show how each option has a different approach to meet customer requirements.

Transitions, Photofusion & Glasses on Stars

The transition and photofusion lens provide a solution for both sunlight and indoor light issues. These lenses, when in the sunlight, react to the UV light and change their molecular orientation to transform from a clear lens to tint and reduce glare. On the other hand, when they are in darker places, the lens will return to its clear light state. Customers who are die-hard fans of famous celebs can find what trend their favorite stars are following and buy the same products for themselves.