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It is Australia's well-known retailer of clothing, sporting equipment, shoes, accessories and fitness equipment. One can even shop by brand, here.

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Info About & Rebel Sport Store

Rebel Sport is a New Zeeland based online retailer of sports equipment and apparel. The company was founded in 1996 in Auckland. The company was one of the first to pioneer the concept of a sports superstore where customers could shop from a large selection of sports goods. The company is also actively involved with several charitable institutions, most notably with the Child health research foundation of New Zeeland.


The company’s product lineup consists of offerings like clothing, sportswear, footwear, camping & fishing gear, exercise & fitness gear, and swimwear among others. These offerings are sourced from some of the most popular brands from across the world including Adidas, Basic, Canterbury, and Puma among others.

Price Guarantee

The company offers to match the price of items sold by them through their platform, in the event that customers are able to find the same product for a lesser value than sold by the company. Customers who are successful in their claims will get a flat 10% discount on their purchase. This offer can also be availed at the company’s offline stores.

Click and Collect

The company has recently launched the click and collect option for delivery of select products across certain locations across New Zeeland. Through this option customers can have their purchases delivered at any of the company outlets throughout the country, then they can collect the product by themselves from these outlets. Customers can also nominate someone else to collect the product for them from the store in case they are not able to make it in time.

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