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Thinking of shopping for your favourite toys in Brazil? Visit a retail site offering action, play figures, crafting, painting, creative, bicycles, build and playsets, nursery, outdoor, kitchen, characters, cribs, game consoles.

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Info About & Ri Happy Brinquedos Brazil Store

Ri Happy was founded in 1987 and is the largest retailers of toys in Brazil. They have more than a hundred stores located across Brazil offering a huge range of diversified products. They were acquired by the American Private Equity Fund in 2012 and have grown exponentially over the years.

Products and Services 

They sell thousands of products ranging from toys, school accessories & supplies, outdoor toys and furniture for children. They also sell baby products and clothes for children. Various models and collectibles belonging to TV series, movies and comics can also be bought from their store. School accessories include notebooks, backpacks, lunchboxes and stationery items among other essentials for school children. They host a number of sales events during the year which are limited for a certain period of time. Bargain sales are common as well where you can find top branded products at a very good deal. Major brands like Hasbro, LEGO, Hora Do Banho, Patrulha Canina and Carrinhose Travel Systems are available from thousands of other brands. 

Ri Happy sells some exclusive products as well and offers an impressive sorting option on their online store where you can find the right toys for your kids based on their age and gender. They have an interactive smartphone application designed especially for kids to help them learn and grown whilst having fun. Customers can choose to buy either from their physical stores or their online store where they can have their products delivered at their doorstep. Unfortunately, they do not offer international shipping and only delivers within Brazil. 

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