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Scentsy's Annual Revenue is $47.9 million and Monthly revenue is $3.9 million based on our estimations. More Interesting Numbers!

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Info About & Scentsy Store

Fragrances encapsulate us in its clutches very quickly. The very scent of flowers dwindles our senses and give us different emotions. Having a pleasant fragrance around the house is an integral part of house-management. To help you with the latter, Scentsy provides you with a vast list of scents, each one for a different mood. These fragrances are safe and made with the best quality ingredients.

Keeping your environment fresh

Scentsy with its different scent options help you to keep your environment sweet-smelling and fresh. Keeping your environment fragrant has many advantages. It helps to make your mood, helps you to increase your interest in the work at hand, keeps your thought process sweet and positive. The fragrances offered are organic and would not cause any allergic reaction.

Variety of products offered

Scentsy starts by offering you primary scents. These can be attached anywhere and have a pretty long life. The principal category of flavors includes wood, bakery, citrus, floral, etc. Scentsy offers warmers and wax in different shapes, sizes, and fragrances. These do not produce soot or any black residue and can be disposed off easily. They have a considerably longer shelf life, and they maintain the same intensity throughout their shelf-time. Different warmer options are available in which they differ by shape, size, and design. Just choose warmer, then choose fragrance flavour, and then add the wax.

Diffusers are a great option to spread the fragrance and the enchanting smell throughout the house. Choose a diffuser design, choose your preferred flavor, mix, and drop, and that’s all you have to do to enchant your room. Along with this, Scentsy brings to you a digital diffuser that can be used anytime, anywhere. Just plug it in and let it do its thing. For making your laundry smell way better, use Scentsy’s laundry designed fragrance booster. All these products are delivered without any issues and are worth every penny, that penny being a reasonable price.

Gift options

Every time you ponder for a gift, just visit Scentsy. Scentsy brings to you various gift options, each one for a different scenario. Gifts can be customized and can be gift wrapped at a little cost. Your gift would reach them safely, and every time they inhale the fragrance, you will be remembered.

So, for all your fragrance needs, visit Scentsy, and get yourself enchanted by the experience.  

Scentsy Fun Facts

Quickly compare with other similar Bath and Body Works, Dior, and others.

Category Ranking: #10 Fragrances Store

Country Ranking: Ranked #396 Most Popular In United States

Ratings & Votes: 5/5 - Based on 49 Votes

Year Founded: 2003

Employees: 1000 - 4999

Annual Revenue: US$ 47.9 million

Avg Order Size: US$ 61 to 82

Daily Orders: 1.8k

Daily Visitors: 57k