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Sears is the online shopping portal where you can buy trendy clothes, shoes, accessories, bags, and more for men, women, and kids. Shop now!

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Info About & Sears (Mexico) Store

Sears is a Mexican Online retailer with an operational history dating as far back as 1947. The company since its establishment has grown and developed into one of the major retail players in the country and now operates out of more than 75 locations in the country. The company aims for a 100% satisfaction of the customer through the products and services it provides. They do so by offering the highest quality of products at the most affordable pricing range.


The Sears catalog mainly consists of consumer products such as consumer electronics, clothesline and apparel, audio equipment, footwear, furniture and wrist watches among others. Most of the products are sourced from suppliers in the US, but the company lists its own products as well that are manufactured by the Kenmore and Craftsman unit of the company. Other than the company’s own brands they are also authorized retailers of products from several popular brands including Levis, Samsung, and Bose among others.

Credit Line         

The Company offers custom credit cards to its customers to make their purchases. Customers can open an account free of cost and enjoy additional benefits like discounts on purchases from the company and its partners across the country on shopping with Sears’s credit card.

Personal Protection    

The company also offers personal protection for the customers through their numerous and varied insurance plans. The customer can enjoy such coverage for a small monthly fee always staying prepared. Another service offered is the medical home membership which the customers can use to avail medical services for a small fee.

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