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With Showcase Cinemas, you can see the latest movies. You can look for the listings of your local cinema and book the tickets online.

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Info About


Showcase Cinemas is a chain of movie theatres and runs under brand names like Showcase SuperLux, Cinema de Lux and two others. The theatre is available for rent for conferences, personal and corporate events. The theatre also has an option for dining-in option. 

Rewards program: 

Starpass is a rewards program wherein customers receive points for purchases and can be utilized at the cinema. This reward program isn't available at Superlux. But, membership is open and available for free to all moviegoers who are 13 years and above. 

Other locations: 

Outside the United States, Showcase Cinemas operates movie theatre locations in the United Kingdom, Brazil, and Argentina.

Purchasing tickets online: 

Tickets booking and purchasing are made easier. Showcase Cinemas also offers reserve booking. When users use the official website to book a  ticket, they are directed to Prices of the tickets vary based on the location. A user can choose the seats he/she would like to reserve. In addition to this, the tickets can be printed at home or presented at the Cinema through the app. If these options don’t work for you, telephone booking is an option too. 

Concession and dining:

Some theatres offer purchase of alcohol at your seta and other dining options besides the regular concessions. 
Some theatres the food is brought to you, while in others you can avail the restraint, bar and food court facility and take the food yourself. 

Gift cards:

Gift cards can be purchased online or at the counter.

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