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Info About

Skyscanner France is the French arm of the global travel company Skyscanner. The company began operations in 2010 and since has become a key player in the online travel sector of France. The company in itself only allows customers to find book travel services; customers cannot manage their bookings through the company. Additionally, all services offered by the company are free. The company aims to provide its customers with economical and affordable travel solutions, no matter where they wish to travel.


The company acts as a differentiator and helps customers sort through different travel offerings through its platform. Using the company’s services customers can save time, money and effort while looking for travel arrangements. To achieve this the company has partnered with more than 1200 travel operators across the world. This helps them achieve a greater degree of coverage and also provide its customers with a lot of options.

Skyscanner App

The Skyscanner app lets customers use the services offered by the company through their mobile phones. The company also incentivizes customers for using its services through the app using exclusive discounts and offers. The app is available on both Android as well as Apple platforms and is free to download and use.

Explore Map

The company has developed an intuitive map function, using which customers can search for travel offerings through a live map. The map is unique and contains points of interest that are highlighted. Customers can choose where they want to go by simply clicking on the location on the map, then a list of offers will be displayed. The map also reveals features like closest airports, average fairs and weather conditions.

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