Skyscanner Italy

Skyscanner Italy is the internet booking site that offers flight booking, rich home booking, lodging booking and more for an excursion around the globe. Book now to enjoy your vacation with family.

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Info About

Skyscanner Italy is the Italian arm of the global travel giant Skyscanner. The company was founded in 2003 and since then has grown into one of the largest travel operators in the US. The company with its services aims to provide its customers with a variety of travel options that inspire them to travel around the world. To help its customers with its services, the company has employed more than 1000 individuals to ensure that their customers have a smooth shopping experience.


Most of the company’s service offerings revolve around travel and holidays. Using these services customers can perform transactions such as Flight booking, Hotel booking and Car rental among others. The company represents more than 1200 operators on their platform. An aggregation of services from such a large number of operators ensures that customers are able to find the best deals from the company.

Skyscanner App

The company has developed a mobile app, to help its customers enjoy its services while on the move, through their mobile phones. The app is free to download and use, and is available on both Apple as well as Android platform. Using the app, customers can book flights, hotels, and rides through their mobile phones. The app also notifies its customers of upcoming and new deals through messages.

Travel Statistics

Skyscanner collects its customers booking and travel data and stores it as travel statistics. Operators can request the company to provide them with access to this data. This data is significant for operators as it helps then reorganize their operations so that they can better serve its customers, along with raising profits.

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