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Get attractive discounts for electronic products and gadgets in UK from an online retail website. The site sells electrical and electronics products, gadgets, home appliances and more.

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Info About & Sonic Direct UK Brand

Sonic direct is a leading and one of the most trusted electrical appliances retail online store across the UK. It is an online store of Sonic Megastore Ltd, which has been the major supplier since years which has enabled them to ensure the flow of the latest technology to the market. Their services, unlike other retail stores, offer reduced prices of up to 40%, which has made it's all customers happy. 

The strength of Sonic Direct

The main requirement of any business to grow is to provide excellent customer service. This happens when a business has an excellent team which is dedicated to ensuring that each customer who comes to their door, goes home happy. Same is the philosophy of Sonic Direct. With an excellent staff and shared values of professionalism and friendliness, Sonic direct has been able to stand in an excellent position with amazing customer service. 

Product Range

There are many products that are accommodated by Sonic Direct in their product range such as laundry items, washing machines, dishwashers, tumble dryers, fridge, freezers, wine coolers, chillers, electric cookers, cooktops, gas cookers, hobs, kettles, irons, microwaves, ovens, grills, bread makers, juicers, fryers, electric blankets, fans, AC, heaters, floor cleaners, vacuum cleaners, pressure washers, TV, DVD players, music systems, audio systems, home theatre systems, 3D TV, projectors, speakers, cameras, camcorders, memory cards, computers, laptops, computer accessories, tablets, IPads, MacBook, gaming consoles, play stations, room furniture, living room furniture, fittings such as taps and sinks, etc. 

All these products are available with Sonic Direct, from almost all the major brands operating in the world, manufacturing these products with the latest technology available.

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