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Steg Electronics is a retailer and online seller of computers and electronics. The website provides specifications, reviews and offers advice and computer service either online or in the retail stores with same day delivery.

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Steg Electronics Switzerland's Annual Revenue is $27.8 million and Monthly revenue is $2.3 million based on our estimations. More Interesting Numbers!

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Info About & Steg Electronics Switzerland Store

Our lives are becoming more dependent on technology by the day. Especially computers have become a vital part of our lives so much so that their absence even for a couple of minutes make us feel hampered. So, when purchasing such an essential product as the computer one wants the best that money can buy. And hence, one has to approach the expert, and for people in Switzerland, it is Steg Electronics Switzerland.

Computers and electronics

Steg Electronics Switzerland provides customers with the best in computers and electronics. With multiple stores dotted all across the length and breadth of Switzerland, customers are quite familiar with their traditional store locations. But this company also enjoys a robust online presence helping people find the best and the latest computers and electronic products online. A wide range of products from some of the most popular global brands is the specialty of this company.

After-sales services and technical support

Though it is true that a computer is an essential aspect of our life, not everyone is proficient with its set-up and repair. Steg Electronics Switzerland believes that customers have to enjoy their products without having to worry about problems and issues. Hence, they provide quality after-sale services in all their store locations and also offer security and IT solutions needed by companies and individuals. Finally, they have a smart and knowledgeable technical team to advice customers and help them choose the best product suitable for the needs from the 250,000 plus available products.

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Steg Electronics Switzerland Fun Facts

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Category Ranking: #33 Computer Store

Country Ranking: Ranked #11 Most Popular In Switzerland

Ratings & Votes: 4.7/5 - Based on 2 Votes

Year Founded: 1997

Employees: 200 - 499

Annual Revenue: US$ 27.8 million

Avg Order Size: US$ 328 to 443

Daily Orders: 197

Daily Visitors: 13k