Order audio and musical products online. Visit an online site offering guitars, keyboards, batteries, PA system, DJ, home recording, software, lights, accessories, wind instruments, accessories for strings, teaching, gadgets and more.

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Info About & Strumentimusicali Store

Strumentimusicali is the leading online music store that sells new as well as old musical equipment and instruments that range from Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Pianos, Electronic Drums, Studio microphones, DJ Console, Home recording equipment, Stage lights and much more. Is it true that you are a reseller of music articles, musical instruments, electronic gadgets or a computer store? Take advantage of fixed price and services that suit your business from Strumentimusicali!

Best Shipping

Transportation costs in Italy for orders above € 199 are free. In other cases and for retailers, they vary based upon the weight and the total quantity of the product in the shopping basket and are calculated during the actual purchase. However, all products are insured during traveling, so you never receive a defective product.

Genuine Warranty

The products purchased from are new and therefore have a warranty according to Italian law. They offer free replacement or repair of segments or parts of the gadgets identified by their manufacturers as broken in the material or during manufacturing.

Same day Refund will repay all payments related to the canceled order received from the consumer, including delivery costs, net of additional expenses and other expense within 24 hours from the order cancellation.

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