Tanishq is an Indian jewelry brand, which offers a beautiful collection of pure gold jewelry. The headquarters of Tanishq is at Bengaluru.

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Info About & Tanishq Store

Founded in 1994, Tanishq is India’s largest and most trusted jewelry store in India. As the name suggests, the company has provided Indian women with a range of jewelry for ornamenting their bodies. Tanishq is known across India for its intricately carved jewelry suiting women for all occasions and festivals. The product range of the company includes necklaces, rings, nose ring, bracelets. 

Product range:

Tanishq achieved rich glamour and trust in India because of its quality products and a wide range of designs in all type of jewelry. The company provides a humongous range of collection in gold, silver and diamond jewelry to select from. Quality supersedes everything in Tanishq products. This philosophy has led the company to the respectable position it has achieved today. Collections of Tanishq are congruous with the festival timing in India and have been created with the amalgamation of modern and traditional touch. This unique method of craftsmanship has allured many customers all across the nation. Tanishq also has launched various brands and product lines to cater needs of people of all categories. Some of the famous lines are Rivaah, Mirayah, and Aveer. Tansihq works under the parent company of Titan Group. The parent group is supported by India’s most trusted brand Tata Group and TIDCO. Ties with such great names have also helped the company in reaching a zenith in the jewelry business in India. 

Headquarters of the company is in Bangalore. As of today, Tanishq has retail stores all across the nation. It is the leading jewelry brand in India with maximum jewelry retail stores.

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