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TapeHeads's Annual Revenue is $5.4 million and Monthly revenue is $447.3 thousand based on our estimations. More Interesting Numbers!

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Info About Tapeheads.net & TapeHeads Store

At Tapeheads, you will discover everything from tips and strategies, where and how to buy, equipment and music reviews, market pricing, and much more. Need service for your instrument? Regardless of whether you need to do it yourself or locate a specialist who will do it for you, they can help. Need assistance with best-recording studios? Definitely, you'll see that as well. Their prime goal is to provide detailed and accurate information across digital as well as an analog platform. There are different web journals where you can discover discussions about a tape, 8-track players, vintage and current tapes, recorders, DAT, turntables, Compact Disk players, vinyl, and much more. You'll likewise discover engaging specialists in each field who take an interest and are happy to help.

Engaging Content

They cover various aspects of music including turntables, vinyl, receivers, amplifiers, speakers alongside everything else that makes complete audio system. Also, if you are disappointed with your digital sound system and is searching for magic, bookmark Tapeheads today!

Free Membership

Once you are a permanent member, you can purchase, trade, and sell things of different types including tape, music gear, and accessories without any additional charges! You will likewise find a group of individuals who are experts and can help you with your queries.

TapeHeads Fun Facts

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Category Ranking: #38 Music Equipments Store

Country Ranking: Ranked #278 Most Popular In Global

Ratings & Votes: 4.5/5 - Based on 33 Votes

Year Founded: 2007

Annual Revenue: US$ 5.4 million

Avg Order Size: US$ 148 to 201

Daily Orders: 85

Daily Visitors: 6k