Ten Thousand

Ten Thousand is a sportswear company that serves gymgoers with the extreme comfort and flexibility that they require to go through their daily training routines. For this, it provides gear and apparel designed to stay cool and effective even during heavy exercises. The practicality of its products is tested by professional trainers themselves for the best products possible.

Store Website: tenthousand.cc

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Info About Tenthousand.cc & Ten Thousand Store

Bottoms and shorts offering extreme comfort

Ten Thousand’s range of legwear is designed to offer support during exercises involving heavy stretching activities. The two legwear types offered are base layers and bottoms. The bottoms are relatively loose clothing that proves to be highly effective during activities requiring a lot of movement, like running and mobility conditioning. This range of shorts are also extremely durable and flexible, so there is no chance of damage during gym days. There are also tight base layers available, which are designed to improve blood flow during exercise and tone the muscles faster. These are also wholly tear-proof in nature.

Top gear for gym goers

Ten Thousand also offers tops that are designed to absorb sweat and dissipate excess body heat in an efficient manner. These come in various styles like tank tops that promote ultimate arm motility. There are light shirts that are highly breathable and open, and then there are heavy shirts that are durable and exceptionally comfortable while training to beat cold weather. Zip shirts designed to combat body odor typical after several hours of exercise can also be purchased. All these gear are available in minimalistic and practical designs that are still stylish enough to be eye-catchy.

Accessories for some hardcore workout

Ten Thousand offers several additional products that either serve as a complement to its clothing range or act standalone. For example, there is a unique snapback cap available, which is based on the aesthetic design of Ten Thousand’s apparel. This hat has a six-paneled shape for a comfortable fit on any head shape, along with being mid-crown for maximum area coverage. The body of the cap is made up of meshed cotton for both resilience and breathability. Strong, double-walled water bottles are also available with an additional thermoregulation feature.