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Info About is the Spanish arm of the international online ticket retailer Ticketmaster. The company was founded in 197 and has its headquarters in the US. was founded in 200 when Ticketmaster acquired  Tick Tack Ticket. The company through its platform offers tickets for more than 22,000 as well as events from more than 2,300 artists worldwide. Since 2006 the company has been responsible for managing tickets of events for artists like Bruce Springsteen, U2, and Rolling Stones among others.

American Express Invites

The American Express Invites program has been designed by the company with the aim of providing exclusive offers and rewards for American Express cardholders, who use the services of the company. The program also consists of a members rewards club, through which members can earn reward points for each of their purchases, these reward points can then be spent for purchasing tickets for the company in the future.

Ticketmaster Style

The Ticketmaster Style section of the company’s website consists of uploads of the company logos, for different devices. Users, who wish to download the logo of the company for promotional purposes could download the image of the company's logo from this section, which is made available in different formats. These logos also come in handy for events that have been sponsored by the company itself.


The company through its platform offers its customers a range of ticket options for different kind of events from across the world. Some of the events for which tickets are listed by the company through its platform include music, art and theatre, festivals and sports events among others.

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