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Shop jewellery needs from world renowned Jewellery store in UK. It has exquisite collection of gold, platinum, silver and diamond jewellery that reflect elegant craftsmanship and beauty.

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Established in 1837, Tiffany is one of the oldest and most recognized jewelry company in the world. Known for artistic and intrinsic jewelry made up of gemstones. The company produces and ships necklaces, rings, bracelets and many more. The main product line of the company is an engagement ring. Apart from jewelry for the empirical belief of company in making jewelries, Tiffany also believes in ornamenting people with various accessories. The company also sells branded Watches. 

Product range:

Tiffany has a range of collection to impress opposite genders. Products of the company can be used by both genders and all age groups. Diamond jewelry of the company are known globally. Apart from intriguing jewels, watches made by the company have also created a huge market base. Watches by the company are suitable for both genders. Alike jewelry, the company also has a huge range of beautiful collection for watches. Unlike any other company, Tiffany manufactures and ships fragrance products also across the world. Adding the cherry on the cake, with making beautifying products for individual, the company also manufactures products of home décor. The product range includes leather accessories and writing accessories. Tiffany has a chain of more than 300 stores across the globe and sells its superior products across the world. 

With headquarters in New York City, Tiffany is running its empire all across the globe. Long Lasting history, quality products, alluring product design has helped the company in creating in the huge market base. Shares of the company are traded publicly on the New York Stock Exchange.

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